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Happy Green Holidays!

Pat Lewis, Founder

The Green New Yorkers Group


Some Holiday Gift Ideas!

 CamelBak™ BPA-free Water Bottles -Great Colors – Close Out!
CamelBak™ BPA-free Water Bottles
BPA-free water bottles are free of the chemical called Bisphenola-A (BPA) traditionally used in making hard plastic bottles. LetsGoGreen.biz carries an outstanding selection of CamelBak™ water bottles and accessories for sports and recreation, home and work. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes for biking, athletic adventures or just to have handy. They retain their vibrant colors even when cleaned in the dishwasher. And by choosing to re-use, we can help to reduce the amount of disposable plastic water bottles entering our nation’s landfills.

Hybrid Power Solar Flashlights
Once charged it can be stored anywhere and holds a charge for over 3 Years!
The Hybrid Solar Lite™ uses revolutionary technology that generates power from any light source and stores it. When fully charged the Hybrid Solar Lite™ can hold a charge for years. It is environmentally friendly, durable and guaranteed for life. Features include:
• Holds a solar charge over 3 years
• Super bright LED - 40 lumens
• Waterproof and it floats
• Extremely durable yet weighs only 4oz
• Recharge with sun or artificial light
• Environmentally friendly
• Full charge = 10 hours of “ON”
• Back up battery with 7 yr. shelf life

Environmentally-friendly Coasters
Ecoasters™ are made from bamboo, which is one of Earth’s most natural and beneficial substances. When you bring Ecoasters™ into your home, not only are you getting a pack of 6 stylish and attractive coasters that enhance the décor in any room in your home, you’re also harnessing the power and properties of bamboo.

Bamboo absorbs very little moisture, which reduces any occurrence of shrinking, warping, swelling and bending. As a result, Ecoasters will last longer than conventional drink coasters. Ecoasters are especially effective against glasses, cups or mugs that have excessive condensation, such as frosted glasses.
• Made from bamboo
• Won’t bend, warp or swell
• Stunning vertical grain finish
• Sophisticated curve design
• Absorbs very little moisture
• Prevents rings and wet-spots

Reusable Canvas Tote Bags – Various Sizes – All Natural

The Better Bag — a true recyclable plastic tote
Not all reusable bags are created equally. Unfortunately, some of the bags on the market today claim to be recyclable but in fact are not. Moreover, few if any curbside recycling programs accept reusable bags. Designed to be eco-friendly, the Better Bag is made from recycled materials, reusable, and guaranteed recyclable. They’re strong, large, woven and laminated to last and last. They’re moisture, grease and stain resistant and hand washable. They require no separate bottom panels like less sturdy bags. They fold up small for easy storage at home, in your car, handbag or coat pocket.

The only reusable bag that is 100% guaranteed recyclable. When you buy THE BETTER BAG you can be sure you’re buying a sustainable product that can be recycled again & again. THE BETTER BAG is the Better Choice!

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