Climate Change – Is the Earth Crumbling Beneath Us?

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Climate Change – Is the Earth Crumbling Beneath Us?

By Pat Lewis

It seems to me that climate change has been bumped further down the list of global priorities in our country, and this alarms me. Other priorties such as jobs creation, the economy and healthcare are equally important, but does this mean that we have to keep our heads in the sand about the horrific effects of climate change?  

We have witnessed several “climate-related” disasters in the past decade which should have opened our eyes wide to the fact that its time to get our heads out of the sand about the real effects of global climate change. As an example, here is a partial list of the some of the deadliest earthquakes in the last decade  



Jan. ’10: Haiti, 7.0 magnitude, total deaths 222,251

 Feb. ’10:  Chile, 8.8 magnitude, total deaths unknown

Sept. ’09: Indonesia, 7.5 magnitude, total deaths 1,117

May ’08: China, 7.9 magnitude, total deaths 87,587

Aug. ’07: Peru, 8.0 magnitude, total deaths 514

May ’06: Indonesia, 6.3 magnitude, total deaths 5,749*

Oct. ’05: Pakistan, 7.6 magnitude, total deaths 80,361

Dec. ’04: Indonesia, 9.1 magnitude, total deaths 227,898

Dec. ’03: Iran, 6.6 magnitude, total deaths 31,000

Jan. ’01: India, 7.7 magnitude, total deaths 20,023*



Richard Fisher, writer for NewScientist Magazine, reported on the findings of researchers and scientists who attended the conference on Climate Forcing of Geological and Geomorphological Hazards in London last September that said, “Mother Earth is short-tempered and volatile. So sensitive in fact, that even slight changes in weather and climate can rip the planet's crust apart, unleashing the furious might of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and landslides. Fisher reported that, “It suggests climate change could tip the planet's delicate balance and unleash a host of geological disasters. What's more, even our attempts to stall global warming could trigger a catastrophic event.”

Evidence of a link between climate and the rumblings of the crust has been around for years , but only now is it becoming clear just how sensitive rock can be to the air, ice and water above. "You don't need huge changes to trigger responses from the crust," says Bill McGuire of University College London (UCL), who organised the meeting. "The changes can be tiny."

Like all of us, I’m trying to stay positive about all of the priorities that face our world in order to keep our Mother Earth safe and healthy. That’s why I have chosen to be involved with my Community Board and Block Association’s Green Teams. These groups have been very successful in obtaining city and state grants for sustainable projects, as well as in organizing numerous groups of people who can affect change in their neighborhoods. I highly recommend that all of you get in touch and join similar groups and organizations in your neighborhood. We all need to help keep Mother Earth in good health! 






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